Imagine your life defined by the vision of your future, not the stories of your past.

Welcome, beautiful soul!
I'm Gabriela

I'm a certified NLP Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Business Mentor for Conscious Entrepreneurs.


What's that? You're also multi-passionate?

I knew it!

I'm here to help you build the bridge from where you are now, to the life and impactful business you've been daydreaming about. Using the world's leading mindset techniques, science and spirituality, we're redesigning your story.

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Curious about my signature 1:1 coaching program

that has helped aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world turn their gifts and passions into wildly successful online businesses & soul lead lifestyles? Read below about the 

The Sol Seek Program

Phase 1.

phase 2.

phase 3.

  • Re-discover yourself in order to set the stage for your soul led entrepreneurial journey. Here we deep dive into your professional and personal life experiences to uncover beneath the surface level strengths, passions, talents, unconscious competences and natural gifts you would love to share with the world.

  • Identify your energy producers, energy drainers, limiting beliefs, unhealed and unconscious blocks keeping you stuck, so that you can consciously begin to design your life and new business in ways that empower you.

  • Let go of imposter syndrome, learn to take control of negative automatic thought patterns, tap into your spirituality, master your mindset and intuition to rewrite your story and step into your dream life.

  • Taking your discoveries from phase 1, here we create the strategic roadmap to bring your entrepreneurial vision to life. Here we discover who your ideal clients are and you learn how to organically market to them in a way that feels fun and authentic.

  • Learn market research methods for creating marketing magic that speaks to the SOULS of your dream clients- no more burning yourself trying to guess how to create absolutely magnetic marketing.

  • Social media optimization: Learn to position yourself as the go-to specialist in your zone of genius, while having fun, being authentically you, and attracting your clients by doing what you do best.

  • Here we set up the foundations for your longterm vision, bringing your entrepreneurial goals to life and making them sustainable. Learn how to market your brand, own your unique voice, and show up like the leader you were born to be.

  • Learn to build authentic connections with your dream clients so sales feel natural, empowering and easy not creepy and sleezy. We are creating the new paradigm of empowered and soul driven sales!


  • Feel good about your prices, overcome limiting money beliefs,  learn to navigate sales calls comfortably, all while learning how to allow your business to heal you in the many other areas of your life. We are here to create a holistic lifestyle, not just a business.

    PLUS... tons of bonuses... :)

do you already have a thriving career, yet feel unfulfilled, burnt-out, or simply uninspired?

I also work 1:1 with professionals to help them transform from the inside out, feel connected to themselves and their life purpose, get aligned to their dreams, reach their highest potential and maximize performance, improve their relationships and overall wellness, and learn to master their mindset- all to build the holistic lifestyle of their dreams.


With stress, anxiety, and disconnectedness at all time highs across the globe, more people are seeking personal development to better understand themselves, take ownership of their lives, and reach goals they didn't think were possible just by working smarter, not harder.


But most importantly, feel amazing about themselves and life again. Before personal development and mindfulness became part of my daily life, I was burnt-out, unfulfilled, and going about my day to day assuming high stress and anxiety were just a regular part of adulting. ('s not)

where it started:

I founded Gaye del Sol studios after admitting to myself just how unsatisfied I was in my life and career. Despite doing everything I was "supposed" to do ( 2 degrees, working with globally recognized, "big name" companies in my industry) I was uninspired, unimpressed, and dreading every Monday I had to sit at my desk for yet another week.

After 10 years in the design and marketing field, 3 unexpected layoffs, and one big stress related medical scare- it hit me just how short and precious life really is. I knew there had to be more to life than working myself to the ground and doing things that didn't align with my soul just to feel worthy and "successful." I just hadn't had the courage or self belief to do anything about it.

From burnt out corporate employee to heart driven entrepreneur, I am now dedicated to teaching creatives and high achievers how to slow down, reconnect with their true selves, and design their dream lives + online businesses.

  • I have a Masters in Communication with Sustainability,

  • a Bachelors in Graphic Design,

  • I am a certified CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) practitioner, 

  • a certified Usui Reiki Master,

  • I am a certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Clincal Hypnotherapy, TIME and Emotional Freedom Techniques. 

ALL of which make part of my holistic approach to helping you build your online business and balanced life.

How i can help:

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Ready to step into the life you day dream about?

Apply for 1:1 coaching where I work with you arm in arm to redesign your life for success, achieving your goals, and reaching your highest potential.

Self paced course

The Sol Share System

Course and Community

My signature self paced course and community to help conscious creatives, coaches, mentors and healers scale their online business in soul alignment. 

Looking for something a bit more custom? 

This is the option for you! The self paced course includes group calls, but with this option you get private 1:1 strategy sessions with me to work on business strategy,  mindset, and so much more!

The course + 
1:1 support 

What my clients say:



I feel like a completely different person than I was three months ago.

I was lost and unsure about the next step to take in my life and business. I knew that I wanted to move into being more remote in my work in order to embrace my traveling heart, but I had no idea how.


My relationship with my husband blossomed once again during this process and we began to thrive as I became more confident in my knowledge and abilities. I have grown in ways I did not think I could in three months. I am so thankful for Gaye and the work that she does. If you want to thrive in life, in all areas, I highly recommend the Sol Seekers Program. 

-Eva Marie Ryan

Founder of PaperCaperCo &
The Choose Your Own Adventure Mentorship Program



"I just signed my second client for $2,500. my first client is amazing and i love working with them! It is incredible to be able to work from the road..i am truly loving it and am so happy!"

-Eva |  Paper Artist + Creative Business Mentor


"Gabriela helped me uncover  hidden talents, passions, and a new perception of the world around me. I am about to take my income to new heights unheard of in my family."

-Cynthia  |  Digital Marketing Expert 


"My relationship with myself shifted completely and i have a clear vision of what i want for myself and my career. spiritually i find myself in balance, and my life has changed so much as a side effect. my relationships, my friendships, even my physiology."
-Tania  |  Multidisciplinary Artist + Coach for Creatives


"My energy levels have been increasing every week, my confidence and control over my workload in other areas has increased, and my levels of stress (which have always been high) have been under control. actually, i haven't felt any stress at all. I have already signed two clients for $3,000, and the program isn’t even complete yet! "

-Pablo  |  Image Consultant + Transformation Coach