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A 3 Month Group Program for

Badass Latinx Coaches, Mentors & Healers

who want to grow their business in soul alignment.

Are your goals to be consistently booked out in your business, making $5-$10k months, easily attracting dream clients on SM, pero you are feeling stuck on how to get there?

imagine if:

✔️You had a simple, step by step system to attract, nurture, and book high paying dream clients time and time again. $5-10k months no longer seems like a distant dream, but your home.



✔️You designed a schedule that allowed you to work from anywhere, treat yourself to long weekends, trips or vacations with the people you love.


✔️You easily and effortlessly closed sales calls with confidence using a process that feels natural and empowering to you and your clients- no pressure tactics or feeling sleezy.

✔️You broke through generational blocks, healed your relationship with money, work, and success.

✔️ You knew how to share your story in ways that inspired your audience and had your DM's full of potential clients asking you about your services.



✔️ You were tapped into source, aligned with your intuition, and felt more autentica than ever showing up as your higher self everyday.



✔️ Your inbox was full of client testimonials thanking you for impacting their lives by doing lo que amas.

It's already yours, es hora you claim it!

You're here because you live for helping others. Sharing your gifts and knowledge is your SOULS work.


And though you’re working with clients and generating anywhere from $1-3k months you know that in order to make the consistent impact + income you're ready for, you’re going to need some solid systems, strategies, and the inner work to get you there.

Do you find yourself wondering:

  • Where will my next client come from? How long can I keep this up?


  • Am I really clear on who my dream clients are?


  • Do I need to invest in ads?

  • How do I create premium offers I genuinely love and will consistently sell?


  • Am I niche enough?


  • Is what I'm offering REALLY aligned with me or am I just doing what I think will sell?

I know the feeling, because just a year and a half ago, I was exactly where you are.

So I want to invite you to visualize with me for a moment: It’s 90 days from now...

✔️You have a unique signature offer that you are SO passionate about and is so aligned with your soul, that showing up to talk about and sell it feels like second nature- and FUN.



✔️You have a powerful, authentic brand that you are proud of.



✔️you know exactly how to create magnetic marketing that speaks to the corazon of your dream clients to attract them to your offers. No paying for ads.



✔️ Your bank account no longer gives you sinking, scarcity feelings, rather, nurturing and supportive ones….because you have set yourself up for recurring revenue in advance.



✔️ You have a community of like minded, heart driven solpreneus on this journey with you, raising your frequency, supporting and cheering you on along the way. No more feeling like you're doing this alone!

Hi incredible soul,
I'm Gabriela

but you can call me Gaye. 


A year and a half ago, I embarked on this journey of being an online entrepreneur and coach after I said chao to the corporate world that left me burnt out and drained, and in Dec 2020, my business celebrated it's first $25k in sales month from my 1:1 coaching offer alone, without paid ads or thousands of followers or being glued to my phone....and I know that if I can do it, you absolutely will too.

Featured on:


My background is in design and marketing. I worked in the corporate world for 10 years with companies like The Gap, Revlon, Armani Exchange, Comedy Central, Urban Outfitters, 3INA cosmetics, and other globally recognized brands...but the problem was that I felt completely unfulfilled and uninspired.

It wasn't until I was forced out of my comfort zone (I was laid off from my job with no back up plan) that I dove head first into my personal development journey, understanding how to use the power of my subconscious mind, tapping into my spirituality and intuition, and helping other high achieving souls do the same.

After seeing the success of my own business as well as that of my clients, I knew that these systems were tested and true.​​

Scaling an online coaching business does not have to be draining or overwhelming. You don’t have to have years of sales experience to book high ticket clients, you do not have to be a marketing genius to attract soulmate clients organically, and you definitely do not have a ton of followers to make a sustainable and profitable business using IG alone.

Check out results from the strategies you'll learn inside!

Eva R.

🎨 Paper Artist & Creative Business Mentor

" I just signed my second client for $2,500. My first client is amazing and I love working with them! It is incredible to be able to work from the road! I am truly loving it and so happy!"

Pablo B.

👔 Image Consultant and Coach

"In the past I’ve had business ideas that I didn’t move forward with because I was overwhelmed. For the first time, I feel so aligned with what I’m doing that I am energized to take my business forward and keep it growing. I have already signed 2 clients for €3,000 and the program isn’t even complete yet!"

Cynthia S.

💡 Digital Marketing Expert & Coach

"Gabriela helped me uncover hidden talents, passions, and a new perception of the world around me. I am about to take my income to new heights unheard of in my family."

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When I started my business…. I DREADED sales.

I was anxious on calls, not sure what to say, I felt weird asking for money, and I didn't have a clue how to handle objections.



Although I was enrolling clients, it felt like a big struggle. I felt like I had to be someone I wasn’t just to book high ticket offers. It was draining, and deep down I was afraid my dream clients and my “luck” would eventually run out.




Over time and continuing to invest in myself and my skills, I finally found the alignment I was looking for and worked for ME, and I began closing sales calls left and right with ease. Now, I am booked out months in advance for my 1:1 offer and have more time in my business that I ever did before.





You (and your clients) deserve this too:

Inside the Sol Share System Accelerator you will learn the tools to make scaling your business to $10k months in soul alignment feel natural, fun and fulfilling.

Imagine knowing:

✔️How to uncover your unconscious competences (your natural skills and abilities) to create flow, ease, and soul alignment in your life & business.


✔️ How to create a premium 1:1 offer that is irresistible to your dream clients and gives you consistent monthly income - no more living session to session or having to reinvent the wheel for every client.


✔️ How to create magnetic content that is authentically you and attracts your dream clients organically - no more friends and fam only clients.

✔️ How to confidently show up and communicate the value of your offer to your audience. while having a blast being YOU.

More amazing results! This could be you, too!

✔️ How to leverage IG, FB, Linkedin or Email marketing for lead generation that feels fun and authentic.


✔️ How to outsource effectively so you get your TIME back as you scale your business.


✔️ How to launch your offers in a way that feels aligned with your lifestyle, so that they sell with ease.


✔️ How to build authentic relationships with your community so you don’t get ghosted, friendzoned, left on read.


✔️ Objection handling on sales calls so that you can empower your clients and book out your offers again and again.


✔️ The mindset, the energetic, the spiritual and emotional tools to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey.

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The expert guest coaches!


Ida is a psychotherapist and NLP productivity coach based in Australia.

Ida will be joining SSA for a special workshop to help you create your unique roadmap for optimal productivity and success in the program, allowing you to confidently hit your goals YOUR way!


Vadz is a VA, Web designer & VA Biz Mentor based in Seychelles

Vadz will be joining SSA for a special workshop to help you on your journey in scaling your business. You'll learn how to effectively outsource to Virtual Assistant for the first time so you can get hours back in biz as you grow!

This program is about so much more than learning strategies. This is about personal transformation, using your intuition, your bigger life vision, embodied leadership and comunidad.


In this high touch 3 month program,

you will get:

  • Lifetime access to the 20+ easy to follow video modules, worksheets, templates and action guides.
    (Value $2,500)


  • Simplified and bite sized social media, sales, and business strategies that helped me build my first business to consistent $10k months in less than a year using organic marketing on IG alone.


  • Weekly group calls with me over 3 months where I coach you through your questions around business / marketing strategy, personal road blocks, and offer you technical, spiritual and energetic tools to support you on your entrepreneurial journey. 
    (Value $9,000)


  • Holistic approaches to personal development and inner transformation to help you reach your next level soul alignment.


  • Additional support from me and expert guest coaches between sessions via a private FB group for your container only.
    (Value $3,500)


  • Accountability, energy, and support from your soul tribe of entrepreneurs, selected by me to ensure total group alignment as you reach your goals!
    (Value priceless)

    Total Value = $15,000.

Your investment:
Not even half of that, bonita.

choose your payment plan:

1 payment of $3,333 

(save $167) 

4 payments of

7 payments of 

This is for you if


  • You have a coaching / mentoring / wellness business that you know needs systems, strategies, and personal growth mindset in place to support you in growing beyond your current $1-3k month ceiling


  • You are committed to stretching out of your comfort zone for your goals as a business owner and person.


  • You are an action taker ready to put in the work (and play!) to make you dreams a reality.


  • You are motivated to learn / practice energetic, spiritual and intuitive strategies. 


  • You no longer want to be stuck in the paradigm that business or sales has to be hard, pushy or sleezy.


  • You are ready to join me and other high achieving solprepreneurs that will lovingly push you to your proximo nivel.


  • You know inner work is an essential part of the process and are ready to break through your blocks emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.





This is not for you if:


  • You want a quick fix or get rich quick scheme.


  • You are not willing to leave ego / prior knowledge at the door in order to rediscover your purpose and find soul alignment in your business.


  • You're not interested leaning / strengthening your energetic, spiritual or intuitive strategies.


  • You want someone to do the work for you.


  • You are not willing to radically put yourself out there and share your truth in the name of helping others.


  • You do not want to create an authentic brand using your personal story as your brand voice.


  • You want results NOW but are not willing to trust your process with certainty.


  • You are not committed / interested in working on yourself from the inside out.

I know how scary it feels to invest in yourself.

Every time I do, I still get butterflies of nerves and excitement. That never go away!


The most beautiful part when we invest in ourselves is when the flow of abundance opens up and that same energy comes flying back into our lives like a chain reaction.


Money is energy, and when we open the portal of unlimited abundance by believing in ourselves and our dreams, the universe always steps in to support. You are divinely guided in everything you do, especially when it's for the greater good of all. I know this is why you are here, which is why it will be an honor to join you in quantum leaping into the person and CEO you were destined to be.


Q: Is SSA for me?

A: Whether you are just starting or have been in business for a while, if you want to scale and create consistent income, $5-$10k months and beyond, investing in yourself, implementing strategies, a CEO mindset, and having community support will help you get there. 

Q: do I get 1:1 support?

A: SSA is a group coaching program with massive additional support between your weekly group coaching calls and monthly Mastermind sessions, however private 1:1 is not included in this program. If you wish to upgrade your plan to include private coaching, message me at to talk about available options! 


Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Nope :) I work only with the fully committed to their goals. Making choices around back out plans do not support the energy / CEO mindset we cultivate inside SSA!


Q: I think I'm in pero tengo more questions that aren't on here!
 Message me on and we will talk it through to see if this is the right fit for you! I'm here and am so excited to connect and help you make the best choice for you! We're in this together!