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My mission is for more creative souls to rise up and be unafraid to build a life they love, feel inspired to give back, and fulfilled at the end of each day.
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5 years ago, I left my NYC corporate life in search of a purpose. Having been raised in a work driven, high-performance society where self worth gets measured by what job, having work / life balance was not realistic if I also wanted a successful career. 14 vacation days a year were a luxury reserved only for a lucky few, and this had me feeling like I was only alive to work and pay bills.


On Gaye Del Sol:

When I was a baby, my sister couldn't pronounce my name, Gabriela. Instead, she confidently dubbed me "Gayela" (GA-YEH-LAH). This eventually turned into the short version,  Gaye (GAH-YEH), which has been my official name in my family ever since.
Del sol means from the sun. Like many of us, I am the best version of myself when I am happy...and being in the sun brings me instant joy. The true best version of myself, however, is the one that gets to connect with inspiring people like you. Thank you for making me Gaye Del Sol!
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