SO, a brand is just
a logo, Right?

how do i create trust?

why does it matter?

Helping entrepreneurs master their message to build the brands that positively impact the planet.

Throughout my 10 years in the design and marketing field, I worked with a wide range internationally recognized brands and institutions from across disciplines. Now, I am using that knowledge to help fellow entrepreneurs build the strongest brands and communication plans out there!

The Gap 

Armani Exchange 

Urban Outfitters 


Comedy Central 

Amore Pacfic 

3INA Cosmetics 

and many others! 

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SO, a brand is just
a logo, Right?

Sorry my friend...not anymore!

Today, a successful brand is the association of intangible benefits that a customer gains by experiencing your product or service. It’s the collection of thoughts and emotions felt when interacting with your brand that creates a customers willingness to spend, be loyal to, and most importantly, trust you.

how do i create trust?

why does it matter?

We live in a time where we have more options than ever. People are making purchase decisions not only based on the quality of the product or service but rather if they feel a connection to a brand’s values and reasons for existing. Simply put, we’ve become more skeptical about where we choose to spend our money. We work hard for our money, and we’re sick n tiyad of spending it on brands who exist only to sell.

but i have a great product. isn't that enough?

Today, people need to trust before they invest. Trust is built almost entirely on a brand’s core values and authenticity. (Core values are the meaningful statements that define what’s important to your business and how you conduct it, authenticity is the story behind why your business exists.) This is a critical part of building your brand because it identifies, attracts and communicates to your target audience. Studies have proven that humans are driven by feelings, and emotions are what really pilot purchasing behaviors.

So, if you want someone to choose you, they must feel connected to or impassioned by what you stand for. As the expression says “People buy on emotion and justify with logic.“

What's included

  • Uncovering your true purpose and your why

  • Identify your targets

  • Build the communication tools to reach them

  • Find how your brand can contribute to a pillar of sustainability that resonates with your why

  • Create authentic brand mission

  • Create the copy to strategically
    explain your brand, story, and mission

  • Brand moodboard

  • Build design elements including logo, typography pairings, digital/print assets

  • Brand guidelines to ensure consistency