I coach designers and creative women to build a life and online business they love.
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I'm kinda obsessed with traveling.
Growing up, my time was spent between 3 countries. As an adult with a 9-5 job, however,  it was impossible to spend time with my family in Chile or Colombia while still getting to see new parts of the world. I finally took the leap and started the online business that allows me to travel in a way that fulfills and inspires me. My goal is to guide more women to do the same while helping build the brands and businesses that contribute to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Whether you are starting from 0 or want to reignite the passion of your current business, I will make sure you have everything you need to live as an empowered entrepreneur on a meaningful mission. Are you ready to feel fulfilled, give yourself financial freedom, help people, and start living with purpose?

Discover your true purpose.
Find a sustainable mission.
Create strategies that work.


We will turn all of your skills and passions into a multi-layered coaching business so that you can help people, work from anywhere, and get clear about what you really were put here to do. 

We will create a mission that you are passionate about, that is in line with your purpose and your WHY
so you can feel fulfilled and inspired that you are contributing to something larger than yourself.


​We will build your marketing strategy, identify your target audience/dream clients, and I will show you how to reach them. I will guide you on what tools you need to launch your creative business and live a life that allows you to see the world on your own schedule!

Build your money mindset

I will work with you to strengthen your mindset so you can confidently set your rates, invoice structures, and business models, so you never have to chase clients for payment again. We will work through your limiting beliefs and the blocks that have been holding you back, so you can finally do what you love and get PAID for it! My programs examine the skills not obtained in traditional education systems and offer integrated approaches to get your business to succeed. You will go into the world empowered and ready and sell your amazing services, so you too can travel the way you've always wanted to!